Close Protection

Private Protection ensures your protection during each of your trips, whether private (theatre, holidays, winter sports, biking, kayaking, fitness, running,…) or professional (business trips, lunches, restaurant, meetings,…) within a relationship of mutual trust.

Our protection missions depend above all on the security needs of our clients. Which is why Private Protection always proposes completely customised security solutions, which include the following:

● Escorting and protection of persons

● Implementation of operational emergency measures

● General organisation and supervision of potentially problematic travel

● Implementation of security strategy and planning of protection measures

● Emergency assistance (first-aid)

● Risk evaluation

Our time is devoted directly to you with the presence of a protection officer at your side and mission preparation, threat analysis, risk evaluation, protocol, making contact and itinerary preparation and verification. This hidden face of our profession requires great self-discipline, analytical skill and vision.

Our clients include politicians, ambassadors, business leaders and artistic and sporting personalities. We guarantee to each a quality service with absolute discretion.

Consultancy Services

Private Protection is a company recognised by the Federal Public Service for Home Affairs in term of consultancy for security.

Private Protection is highly qualified in the field of security.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of intelligence, security and close protection, we now put our expertise and skills at your company’s disposal.

Our experience ranges from war-zone rescue operations to the close protection of high-profile international political personalities.

Risk management in extremely stressful and unstable situations is now locked into our DNA.

Due to these assets, we also propose you professional security consultancy services in order to analyze your security at home, company, on your private or business trips, travel or any other worrying aspect of your life.

We propose you recommendations to optimize your safety.

Subsequently, we can provide you with a complete file containing the improvements to be made.

We can also follow up on this whole process of implementations.

Advanced Courses

Private Protection also proposes you advanced security training courses.

We offer courses related to all aspects of driving, defensive as well than offensive, techniques and tactics about security driving.

We are able to offer : medical courses, shooting courses and 

tactical close protection courses,…

All our courses can be offered to you, your staff, limo drivers, security drivers, legaly certified close protection officers, police officers,…

Private Protection takes the time to talk to you and provide you with a customised offer.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know our training schedule